Worried About Family Stress on Your RV Adventure? Use These Tips to Cool it Down

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Worried About Family Stress on Your RV Adventure? Use These Tips to Cool it Down

Plan ahead and stop stress in its tracks

Sometimes road trip stress comes from the personalities cooped up in the RV with us, and sometimes the stress comes from outside forces, like mechanical issues with our rig. It would be great if we could hit the mute button on arguments or find an easy fix for the thumping under the hood, but it’s not always as easy as that. Before stress makes your road trip a disaster, take this advice.

Cool stops along the way

Refrain from rushing to your destination, even if it means adding an extra day or two onto your trip. There’s always something cool along the way to see, and if you make each day a mini vacation, it takes the stress out of the long trip. Do this for the return trip as well. Plan a different route home, so you have fresh new attractions to check out.

Prepare for emergencies

Is one of your kids prone to car sickness? Does your dog have environmental allergies? Think of the common things that could go wrong, and make sure you pack accordingly. Take a look at your destination and try to think of things that could happen while you’re there. Of course, we don’t want those emergencies to happen, but if they do, then at least you’ve planned for them and packed what you would need to handle the situation.

How’s your RVing doing these days?

If you’re planning a long trip, it’s not a bad idea to have a mechanic check your rig out before you leave. Let them know how long you’ll be gone and ask them to look for things that could be an issue on a trip of that length. If there’s an issue that you don’t think you could handle out on the road, it’s a good idea to get it taken care of before your trip even starts.

Don’t skimp on entertainment

Make sure chargers are packed, and there are more than enough books, movies, and games on everyone’s devices to last them for an extended period in the RV. Invest in some great headphones for your children, so the noise of what they’re playing or watching doesn’t wear everyone thin.

Delicious snacks

You know what your family likes to snack on, and there’s every possibility that they will get hungry while the wheels are turning. Sometimes squabbles start because we’re hungry. Make sure everyone has a snack they enjoy to avoid anyone getting “hangry”.

Add some scents

Some scents relax us and help calm our stress. You could try out a diffuser filled with a good carrier oil and some essential oils. As the woodsy scent of lavender fills the RV, watch the stress level abate until everyone’s in a better mood.

Play games with your kids

If you don’t like your kids being on devices all that much, there are a ton of road trip games you can play with them. This will get the entire family involved, and kids tend to come up with some really interesting choices when playing “I Spy” or making phrases out of the letters and numbers on license plates.

Make it comfortable

Bring along favorite blankets, comfortable pillows, and stuffed animals. Let your kids dress in pajamas and make it a fun movie day for them to curl up on the couch or a pillow fort and chill as the miles pass by. As an added bonus, pack a bag with random things your kids can do if they get bored, like coloring books, action figures, or crafts that they really enjoy doing.


Make a CD full of the music your family enjoys. Add favorites for each person and turn it up. Sing along with your family, even if you don’t know the words. For added laughs, make a playlist of silly songs you think everyone will get a laugh out of.

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