You Can’t Take Everything with You in an RV

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You Can’t Take Everything with You in an RV

Space-saving ideas for your RV kitchen

Traveling in an RV allows you to see the country in an entirely new way. One of the benefits of RV travel is that you can pack more, compared to flying or driving. You can’t take everything, of course, so packing for an RV adventure takes some ingenuity. You need to be especially creative in the kitchen where space is a premium.

Here are some kitchen space-saving tips for your RV

For cabinets and drawers

Put freestanding drawer units in the cupboards to add levels of storage. You can find them in most a home goods store.

Use a wire shelf to create levels inside cabinets. Plates and tall cups can go on the top while shorter items go on the bottom. For plates use vertical dish cradles, so they take up less space and are more secure when moving.

Under-shelf baskets work well in cabinets, too. (They also help you store more in the fridge.)

Continuing with the under the cabinet idea, you can stick a sheet of metal under the cabinet, attach magnets to one side of your cutting board, and then you’ve got a nifty way to keep the cutting board off the countertop.

Get creative when it comes to storing spices. You can attach spice gripper clips to the back of cabinet doors or put up magnetic strips and then attach a metal tray to create a hanging spice rack. You can also do a hanging spice rack under the cabinets to save even more space.

Speaking of spices, you can install a fold out rack under the cabinet. Just pull it down whenever you need to use them and then fold back up when you’re done.

Slim plastic containers can be used for cereal and other items that come in large, bulky boxes. As a bonus, closed containers will keep food from going stale and keep you from attracting ants or other pests.

Use magazine racks to store more canned goods.

For baking sheets and cutting boards, try mounting curtain tension rods vertically inside a cupboard. Now, these items can be stored upright instead of flat.

Organize bakeware, with stacked a pan organizer. Baking trays can go in them, too.

An over-the-door mounted RV trash can gets the trash out of sight and keeps a normal trash can from taking up floor space in the kitchen.

For the countertops and walls

Make use of all the counter space with corner shelf units. Not only will you avoid “wasted” space, but you will create levels that expand how much you can store.

Wall-mounted magnet strips and suction hooks can be used hold lightweight kitchen utensils like scissors, spoons, ladles, and spatulas. You can also use hooks for kitchen towels, dishrags, and potholders.

For an ingenious way to store aluminum foil and plastic wrap attach hook dispensers and Command Hooks to the walls and then roll the foil onto the hooks. Not only does this make them easier to use but you won’t have to store these long boxes in the cabinets.

You can find almost anything collapsible and foldable these days, including foldable sink racks that eliminate the need for a countertop one.

A shower caddy and Command Hook can be used to create a hanging produce rack.

Space-saving cookware

Nesting bowls are an ingenious way to bring more. Most home goods stores and camping supply stores have a variety of styles and products to choose from. You can find large and small mixing bowls and strainers as well as measuring cups and spoons so you can store everything together.

Look for collapsible cookware. There are collapsible strainers, mixing bowls, and even collapsible teakettles and pots. You simply flatten after use and put them away.

Traveling in an RV allows you to take more, but you still have to be strategic about maximizing the available space.

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