You May Be Ready for Camping Season, but Is Your RV?

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You May Be Ready for Camping Season, but Is Your RV?

Wake up your RV after its long break

Winters are long and tend to be boring. Parks aren’t always open year-round, and there’s little fun in boondocking if you wake up freezing. Since a lot of us huddle in our permanent homes during the winter, when the sun starts warming the earth, all we can think about is getting back in our RVs and enjoying the new season. Before we jump in with both feet, is our RV ready to take us safely where we want to go?


Your RV has probably been sitting for a while – has any air leaked out of the tires? Tires are one of the most crucial safety devices on our vehicles, so making sure the tire pressure is up to snuff can save us on gas as well as give us better traction. Make sure everything is tight and that the tires don’t have any cracks. Once the pressure is good, give it a few minutes to make sure no slow leaks have developed over the winter.


Speaking of slow leaks, what damage has the winter done to your roof and the caulking around windows? Make sure you check the caulking around vents and the air conditioner as well. No hole is too small that it should be overlooked. If there’s a hole in the caulking, you’re setting your rig up for a lot of water damage. If you find a hole, crack, or missing section of caulking, make sure you touch it up before heading out.


Are the fluid levels good in your battery? Is there any corrosion that’s developed over the winter? Is the battery still holding a charge well? Corrosion is easy to clean up yourself; just make sure all power is turned off before you start working with your battery. This includes making sure your RV isn’t plugged into shore power. To clean corrosion, use a simple mix of baking soda and water. Give the corroded parts a nice scrub, and you’re ready to go.


Are all of your appliances clean? Are filters changed? Are they all running as they should be? This is a good time to clean up any vents that may pose a fire threat, clean out behind appliances, and get them aired out. Check your stove to make sure it’s working, and fire up the fridge to cool it down before loading it up.

Water systems

Turn on your faucets and get the air out of your lines! Once the spitting and sputtering has stopped, inspect every inch of your system for leaks and pressure issues, including your water heater. You will want to ensure that water lines are good and aren’t leaking, as even a slow leak could cripple your RV.


Are the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors working well? Do they need new batteries? Are the sensors clean and not acting up? Make sure to clean what needs cleaning and replace old batteries to ensure these essential systems are working for you.

When everything is cleaned, tested, and shipshape, give your RV a test drive. Is anything out of sorts with the way it runs? If so, the RV Advisor has mechanics on call to help you diagnose what’s wrong with your RV. They will even stay on the phone with you and walk you through the repairs yourself! Be confident in your first trip of the season by getting repair help from one of our expert mechanics!

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