4 Ways to Avoid Aches and Pains During Your Travels

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4 Ways to Avoid Aches and Pains During Your Travels

No matter where you’re going, you can arrive feeling great with these tips

While the journey can be fun, often the best part of an RV trip is when you get to your destination. Be it a tourist attraction, national park, or campground, after hours on the road, it’s always nice to pull off and get out so you can see the sights. That is, of course, if you’re not in too much pain.

After sitting for so long, many RV travelers find that while their mind is ready to go, their body has other plans. This is especially true for drivers, as they don’t have the luxury of moving around the RV like the other passengers. But fortunately, there are ways to mitigate aches and pains while out on the road.

Think about your posture

“Stand up straight” is something you probably heard a lot growing up, and it’s particularly good advice for driving during a long trip. With the proper posture, you can avoid both back and neck pain. In addition to sitting up straight, this means your knees should be at the same level as your hips or higher. Make sure to adjust your seat so it’s close enough to the steering wheel so you won’t have to strain to reach it. It is also important that your back is pressed against the seat, and if the seat doesn’t have any sort of back support, consider buying a lumbar roll before your trip or just bringing along a small pillow.

Don’t push it

Once a trip gets going, everybody is usually anxious to reach their destination. And in many cases, this results in drivers staying too long behind the wheel. With plenty of gas left in the tank, it can be easy just to keep driving. However, this is bad for a couple of reasons. First of all, the longer a driver goes, the more likely he or she will lose focus and maybe even nod off, which puts everyone in danger. Secondly, the longer you sit, the tighter your muscles will get. This is why stopping every two hours or so is a good idea. This gives drivers the chance to stretch their legs and walk around so they can get their blood flowing.

Stay active

One of the best ways to avoid lingering aches is with regular exercise. If you aren’t very active, think about creating a routine before your trip. Even just 20 or 30 minutes of physical activity every day can make a huge difference. And then once you’re traveling, it’s important to keep this up, and you can use those stops you’ll take every couple of hours to get in some exercise. Back exercises especially will be beneficial during your trip.

Get your RV in good shape

Even if your posture is good, you’re not driving for extended periods, and you are staying active, it is possible that your RV is to blame for your discomfort. For this reason – and others – it’s a good idea to examine your rig closely before your trip. Take a look at your tires to see if any are worn and should be replaced. Even if they seem fine, it’s important to make sure they have the right pressure. Bad or worn shocks should also be replaced. Anything you can do to give you and your passengers a smoother ride will be appreciated by everyone.

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