5 Ways to Make Your RV Feel Like Home

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5 Ways to Make Your RV Feel Like Home

It’s easy to make your RV feel just as cozy and welcoming as your brick and mortar house

 In your RV, you’ll always have your own kitchen, familiar comforter, and favorite accessories. You can enjoy visiting exciting new places every day and still sleep in your own bed each night. What a wonderful way to travel!

Road trips in your RV are so much more enjoyable and relaxing when you know your cozy home is waiting for you after a long day of travel. Still, your RV won’t necessarily feel like a cozy oasis the moment you drive off the lot.

So, take some time to spruce it up a bit and add your favorite touches before you head out on your vacation. Here are five great ways to make your RV cozy, comfy, and feel like home.

  1. Stock up on great entertainment

Pack your camper with all of your favorites. This includes everything from books and movies to music. Because space in your RV is limited, ditch the hard copies. You can keep your library on your eBook reader, use streaming sites for your favorite movies, and listen to your favorite tunes on your phone or computer.

Having entertainment on hand is a great way to relax and enjoy downtime in your RV. It’s also nice to have lots of interesting things to read or watch in case you run into a rainy day and can’t enjoy the outdoors.

Cuddle up with a hot mug of coffee and your favorite book, and your RV will feel just like home.

  1. Make your bedding comfortable

 Sometimes good sleep can be elusive when you’re living out of your RV. Thinner walls have less insulation than traditional homes, and it can get pretty cold if you’re camping somewhere where it’s freezing. Sometimes a roof vent or skylight can let in more light than you’re used to.

It’s a good idea to make your bedroom as comfortable as possible to help you adjust to sleeping in a new place. Start by upgrading your RV pillows and blanket to a really cozy set of bedding. You can also purchase a high-quality RV mattress to make your sleep super snug.

Use high thread count sheets and comfortable pillows. If you like a soft pillow, choose a feathered cushion. If you prefer firmer support, go with a memory foam pillow.

With upgraded bedding, your bedroom will feel just like home.

  1. Bedroom slippers

This simple trick has a big impact. Keep a warm pair of slippers on hand in your RV next to your door.

Too many RVers keep their shoes on so they can go in and out without changing their shoes. While this may seem easier than taking your shoes off repeatedly, it can make you feel less relaxed if you’re hanging out all day with confining shoes on.

Slip into warm slippers when you go inside, and you’ll immediately feel more at home. Plus, it can help keep your floors clean. Wearing shoes inside leads to dirt and scuff marks, which isn’t very cozy.

  1. Add cozy décor

 You can also make your RV feel more like home with a few simple accessories. Decorate with some throw pillows, window valance, and small blankets. It will keep things looking fresh and friendly, and it’ll instantly brighten up your living space.

  1. Invest in good storage solutions

Because RVs are smaller than a traditional home, you’ll probably find that you run out of space fast. Nothing affects the coziness of your RV more than piles of clutter, and even a few careless items can make a camper start to feel cluttered.

You can overcome this common hurdle by investing in some good storage containers. Things like toiletries, cooking accessories, papers, and knickknacks can be stored away in easy access containers.

This keeps small items off your precious counter and table space, but still within easy reach. A little tidying and organization is exactly what an RV needs to feel cozier.

Make your RV your home away from home

With a few simple steps, you can make your RV feel just like home. All it takes is a little décor, cozy bedding, good entertainment, and lots of great storage. Don’t forget the comfy warm slippers! You’ll find it easy to enjoy your RV if you feel comfortable when you’re inside.

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