A 6-Step Guide to Planning Your Multi-Generational RV Trip

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A 6-Step Guide to Planning Your Multi-Generational RV Trip

All aboard for a family RV vacation

RV camping is one of the few things that generations of families can enjoy together. It’s not uncommon to have grandparents, parents, and kids RVing together. However, if your group will include people of varying ages, you’ll have to do some extra planning to cater to everyone’s needs, physical limitations and interests. This will help cut down on tension and stress while you’re on the road.

1. Decide how you will divide expenses

Fighting over money is the quickest way to ruin a family vacation. It’s important to discuss money beforehand, so everyone is clear. Whether you plan to use one RV for the whole family or a couple, you still need to think about who is going to pay for what. There will be expenses, including campground fees, gas, admissions for activities like amusement parks, food, rental fees for things like bikes, water sports activities, tours, cars, and other random expenses. You don’t want one person always to be stuck paying the bill unless it’s offered.

2. Pick the right destination and campground

It’s important to choose a destination and campground that caters to the needs of everyone. If you pick a destination that has no interest for kids, they will end up bored and make everyone miserable. Also, be careful about choosing a destination that has a lot of intense physical activities that might not be suitable for Grandma and Grandpa. The same rule applies to the campground you choose. Make sure the amenities meet the needs of a wide range of ages. You can research amenities of various campgrounds online, and if in doubt, call a few to make sure it’s suitable for your family.

3. Plan activities ahead of time

While an RV vacation affords the chance for random stops, it is necessary to plan activities before you hit the road. Once you have chosen a destination, research fun, local activities. You can look online or contact the local Visitor’s Bureau for suggestions. Here’s another tip. It’s not necessary to spend every minute together, so it’s fine to plan some separate activities. Maybe Mom and Dad take the kids while Grandma and Grandpa explore the shops in town. Or perhaps Nanna and Poppa can keep the kids for an afternoon while Mom and Dad go on a long bike ride through the National Park.

4. Plan out your meals

An RV gives you the rare opportunity to take a kitchen on vacation with you. However, it is a good idea to plan out your meals, at least partially. Determine how many meals you want to cook on your own and when you will eat out. Your budget may determine how often you go to a restaurant, as it can quickly get expensive, especially for a lot of people.

You’ll need to ask yourself a few a questions:

  • Who will handle the cooking?
  • Who will clean up?
  • Will you rotate cooking/clean up duty every day or every meal?
  • How will you budget for food expenses and who will pay for what?
  • Will you eat together for every meal or only for dinner?

5. Learn to be flexible

A family vacation is a time where you can learn patience and flexibility. Try to avoid a “my way or the highway” attitude. Yes, there may be disagreements about what to do and when, but it’s important to be flexible when you can.

6. Bring lots of family games

Camping in an RV is the perfect time to turn off the digital devices and get some actual “face” time with your family. There are plenty of board games that are fun for the whole family so bring several and plan several game nights.

With careful planning, a multi-generational RV vacation can become the trip you’ll remember for a lifetime. Use these 6 tips to help plan the perfect family vacation. For more helpful tips, become an RV Advisor Member today.

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