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A Road Trip is Just the Family Bonding Experience You Need

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A Road Trip is Just the Family Bonding Experience You Need

Blood is thicker than water

We don’t always get along with our family, but we still love our family even when we can’t stand them. They may drive us up the wall, and while we can complain about them, the moment someone else does, we jump to their defense.

Likewise, most of us have memories of our family more than what phone our parents gave us, or that our sister did chores that one night we were sick. Our memories tend to reflect experiences – the time our father taught us how to fish, or the time our mother stood behind us in the kitchen and taught us her grandmother’s secret recipe. Experiences we will stay with us long after the newest trinket breaks. The great thing about camping and RVing is that opportunities abound to make all sorts of memories. What can you teach your family that they don’t already know?

Curiosity births connections

Children are always curious, and you can take advantage of that to teach them all kinds of things about nature. If you don’t know everything there is to know, research the location you’re staying at before you go there and learn all you can about local plants and wildlife. That way if your child asks what something is, you can tell them, and give them fun facts about it.

You can even teach them what plants are edible and how best to harvest them. Don’t force your child into these situations. Let them show you what interests them, and then work from there. If your child indicates interest in something or asks you about something, they’re more likely to stay engaged with you longer.

Let them help you cook

Once you’ve mastered the art of cooking over a campfire, invite your children to help you prepare a meal. Give them rolls that make a difference to meal prep, so they feel valued. Show them how you know when the fire is ready to cook over and explain to them why you’re using specific types of cookware.

You can take this a step further and let them help you plan the menu for your camping trip. This level of planning will get them more invested in the experience, and it will also teach them how to make one of their favorite dishes no matter where they are.

Take them fishing

Memories of fishing aren’t about fishing at all. The memories come from the time spent together, the conversations that happen, the funny moments that arise. Sure, if we catch an award-winning fish, then that’s great. But more often than not the moments we remember is the connection. If you teach your child to fish, it’s a skill they will carry with them. Teach them when the best time to fish is, what specific types of gear is used for, and how to handle a fish once it’s caught.

Hide and seek

Of course it doesn’t have to be hide and seek specifically. It can be any game, and it’s great to let them choose the game. If there’s a game they’ve wanted you to teach them for a while, maybe you could take this moment to teach them.

Make it fun

Whatever you choose to do and whatever opportunities arise, make it fun! When we’re having fun, we learn and remember more. Think about your past and some of the experiences you had with your family. You probably remember a lot of moments of laughter and funny anecdotes. Fun unlocks different receptors in our brains and allows for different kinds of memories linked to emotions. If you focus on fun, then you’re creating memories that will last for the rest of their lives.

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