Dreaming of the Next Big Adventure? Here’s Where to Visit in 2019!

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Dreaming of the Next Big Adventure? Here’s Where to Visit in 2019!

Pack your luggage, the travel bug is about to strike!

You wouldn’t have bought an RV if the love of traveling, meeting new people, seeing new sights, and embracing new adventures wasn’t in your blood. There’s nothing more peaceful than leaving worries in the rearview mirror and letting stress melt as the miles pass beneath you.

Whether you’re living the RV life, or use your RV as a regular getaway, one thing holds true: we all love new places. We can stay for a few days, then pack up our home and carry on. Our home is wherever we are in the most literal sense, and gorgeous vistas are only an open door away; new friends await at whatever campsite we choose to rest our heads.

So fuel up your RV, check the oil, pack the kitchen, and get ready for everything 2019 has in store for us ardent travelers!

The Grand Canyon is always grand

Standing on the edge, overlooking the painted valleys and fissures of the Grand Canyon is an experience that words can’t describe. When the sun bathes the canyon, and the peaks and gullies glow in violet and pink, everything will seem right in your soul. A calm hush falls over the visitors, and you know something truly magical is happening. It’s a place that inspires awe in us all. We know it’s ancient. Before us is the true beauty and evidenced power of nature. In a way, it seems like a dream.

If you want to get a closer look, you can book a tour by helicopter, plane, or donkey for an immersive experience you’ll love. If you’re more daring and heights don’t phase you, take a break on the skywalk and feel like you’re floating above the beauty. If a little exercise is in store, and you love hiking, there’s plenty of more private trails to get your workout in! Just be sure to plan ahead to take advantage of all the Grand Canyon has to offer.

Maybe it’s water and fun in the sun you’re craving

Hamilton Pool Preserve in Dripping Springs, Texas is a place where you’ll need to make reservations, but it’s worth it. Temperatures get hot in Texas, but even during drought the pool is still full. The best part is this pool offers you more than swimming! While you’re enjoying the pristine waters and the scenic waterfall, be sure to look around you and see all the birds, plants, and fish that call Hamilton Pool Preserve home.

Mountains and water abound to ease your mind

Your camera roll will be filled with photos of startling blue water and lofty mountains that surround you. Stay into the evening at the biggest alpine lake in the United States and stare in wonder as the sun burns pink and violet off the still, silent splendor of Lake Tahoe. If you’re in for some chills, get your camera ready and see if you can spot the Lake Tahoe Monster which hasn’t been seen in over 30 years!

Water, fire, and trees oh my!

There’s no better National Park to visit that puts all of nature on display like Mount Rainer in Washington. Rest your gaze on the majestic, wintery peak of this active volcano no matter the time of year you visit. Drink in the verdant forests and fields of wildflowers. Delight in animals and water galore. If you’re looking for one spot to sample a bit of nature’s buffet, this is the place for you.

Water is nature’s greatest sculptor

Delight in nature’s patient persistence when you visit Upper Antelope Canyon in Arizona. The smooth, rounded edges are a painting come to life. It’s even more astounding to know the canyon was formed by nothing more than water and time. Bask in the sunlight that breaks through the top, and enjoy the waterfalls of sand on your walkthrough.

Stones sail on a blazing sea of sand

Death Valley. There are no flowers. There is no rain. There is, however, a lot of space to hike and enjoy the sun, if you love the heat. Survey the sailing stones that confounded scientists until just recently, or blaze some trails through the backcountry and truly get to know the region. Death Valley is one of those places that come with survival guidelines, so keep that on your radar when planning your excursion.

Adventure awaits in 2019. Are you feeling the draw of the siren’s song?

It looks like there’s a lot of travel ahead of you in 2019. Why don’t you take RV Advisor’s roadside assistance along for the ride? We have your back if your tires give out, your battery dies, or you lock your keys in the vehicle! The great thing is we cover your vehicles, even if they aren’t an RV.

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