Stick to Your Budget: Tips for Buying Your New RV

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Stick to Your Budget: Tips for Buying Your New RV

Don’t overpay for your dreams

We get it – an RV is the dream of all of us who love the open road, a new adventure every day, and the different locales and cultures we experience whenever we stop for the day. Checking prices at RV stores leads you to believe you’ll never be able to afford the dream you have. How can you enjoy your freedom if you have to pay so much for it? Well, there are ways around the price tags you’re seeing.

Don’t go bigger than necessary

We all love the looks of the big luxury RVs. Imagine hitting the road with all that space and knowing you won’t have to downsize as much are comforting thoughts, but are they practical? Do you need an RV that sleeps so many people and comes with a full living room and dining room when it’s just your small family? Shopping for a smaller RV may mean downsizing a lot, but it will save you on maintenance, gas, and the up-front cost. Smaller RVs cost a fraction of what their larger counterparts do, and there’s more than enough luxury included in smaller varieties.

Shop around

Prices aren’t set by a manufacturer; they’re set by the retailer. The price of one model may be vastly different in another location. Figure out where there’s more competition with RV malls, and head there. RV retailers will try to beat one another on pricing, so you’ll see lower prices in an area with several stores than you would in a location with only one.

Determine if you really need a new RV

New RVs can be expensive. Used RVs can be just as good at a fraction of the price. Sure, there are things you’ll want to know when you shop used, but you can often get a great price on a used RV that’s been lightly used. Before buying used, consider how you’ll be using your RV and where you’ll be staying. Some RV parks won’t allow RVs of a certain age to stay there, so keep that in the back of your mind when shopping used.

Don’t expect too much

It’s always great to have all the bells and whistles you want in an RV but consider some of those bells and whistles as the end game. Do you really need them right away? Are they things you can live without and add later down the road as your budget allows? This isn’t to say you should settle for an RV you don’t want and be unhappy; it’s simply saying you should check your expectations and your wants and decide which ones are necessary to you and which ones are nice to have but not needed right away.


The listed price isn’t the final price. It’s not set in stone. Think of it as fluid. If you’re not good at haggling over prices, find someone who is and who wouldn’t mind going along with you. Really inspect the rig you’re buying for any blemishes or cosmetic issues you can use to negotiate a lower price. Before you go to the RV lot, decide on a price you won’t go above, and start lower than that; when they try to get a higher price, you have a little wiggle room to increase your offer.

Finance through a bank you trust

Don’t let the salesperson find financing for you. Financing through a store will often yield higher interest rates than going through a bank you know and have worked with before. If you get prior financing, you’ll have a price you can’t go above. Of course, don’t let your dealer know what that final price is – keep that information to yourself, and use it to negotiate.

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