The Road Is Long. These Gadgets and Essentials Make the Trip Better!

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The Road Is Long. These Gadgets and Essentials Make the Trip Better!

Vacationing is supposed to be fun. Improve your trip!

In the romantic notions of hitting the road, a lot can be forgotten. Sure, if you have an endless budget, things can be purchased on the road as you go, but why not save that money for fun things and plan ahead.

Road trips are long, and the longer they get, the more frayed our nerves become. You thought tensions ran high in a full-size house? Wait until you cram all those personalities into a much smaller space. Eventually, you’ll enjoy the trip less and dream only of the destination, and that’s not what RVing is about.

We want to experience all the fun of RVing. We want to see off the beaten path sights, and we want to pull over and explore scenic little towns we may never have known existed before we’d purchased an RV.

Gadgets and supplies give our minds a break and make life easier for us through the home, and they can do the same in an RV. Make RV life easier on everyone. We’re talking about the functional items and beyond!


Saving space and sanity

  • Screen door bars allow for a little extra storage for hanging clothes, towels, or anything you want to remember to take when you walk out the door. They’re also handy for helping you close the door!
  • Custom kitchen drawers allow you to have drawers that fit your RV as well as compartments built in to give you the storage you really need.
  • Magnetic strips work great for storage because then you can stick metal utensils right to the wall, or wherever you put the strip! While we’re on the topic of magnets, Velcro strips can work wonders for items you don’t want to lose, like remotes.
  • Hidden drawers can be added to your RV wherever you see a place to put them. One idea is under furniture, like beds and benches, that are built into the RV. It provides storage in places that are out of sight and usually unused.
  • Hanging shelves and baskets allow you to take advantage of airspace to increase your storage. You can use just about any basket you like, no matter if it’s not meant for the job, just be sure it’s strong enough for what you want to store!

Much-needed entertainment

  • eReaders save space while providing endless hours of entertainment. You can get the news on them, read your old favorites, or discover new worlds of endless joy. You can stream audio and video on them, and tuck them into a pocket or a bag. If you have readers in your troupe, an eReader will go a long way.
  • Board games are good to unwind after a day of driving or set the kids up with their favorite game and let them while away the hours between stops with a bit of competitive fun!
  • Game systems are a good alternative to board games if space is at an all-time low. Simply install games on your systems and take them along for the ride!
  • The internet is one of those essentials that is often used more for entertainment. But when you’re on the road, you won’t want to burn through all your data. Having an internet connection can keep people entertained as well as providing you with navigation and travel updates.
  • Hobby supplies can take our minds off the road. If there’s nothing much to see, you can delve into your hobbies. Make sure you set aside space to store your supplies, and you’ll never be without entertainment!

They’re not called essentials for nothing

  • Signal boosters for cell phones are one of those things you may not truly miss until you desperately need it. Cut the frustration out of life and include a signal booster in your rig.
  • Surge protectors keep your electronics and emotions in check. Though you may have a warranty, can the peace of your RV stand the wait until things are replaced?
  • Disposable gloves make the list for sewer cleanup. You won’t want a reusable pair hanging around after you’ve emptied the sewage!
  • Generators help for when you really want to escape known territory and enjoy a more rustic camping excursion with full power.
  • Air compressors keep your tires full and your gas mileage efficient. Keeping one handy means fewer trips to gas stations for air, and less headache trying to navigate to public compressors.

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