Tips for RVing Through Your Golden Years

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Tips for RVing Through Your Golden Years

There’s no time like the present

At any day, at any hour, a new adventure is waiting for us to take hold of it. It doesn’t matter if we’re stepping out the door at midnight for a moonlit stroll or settling into retirement with our very first RV vacation. Adventure is waiting for us around every bend in the road, under every rock we overturn, and in every stranger we meet. Life is filled with possibilities that we’ve gotten in the routine of saying no to, but those possibilities aren’t what we’re talking about here. What we’re talking about here is saying yes to your desire for the open road and the friends you have yet to meet. Take a chance on fate and give in to your wanderlust. Now is the golden time to pave a new road through life. Now is retirement!

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go in prepared.

Knowing your vehicle and knowing what you’re getting into

We all have buyer’s remorse over something we thought we desperately wanted. Through the years we’ve all seen treadmills collect more dust than miles, kitchen appliances rob us of space rather than reward us with easier cooking, and encyclopedias that are still in mint condition long after they’re outdated. It would be a shame if the same thing were to happen with our RV, but it does happen. The lifestyle isn’t for everyone, even if they’ve had their heart set on it for years. How do we stop this from happening to us? Knowing what we’re getting into.

One option for new RVers, no matter their stage of life, is to rent an RV and take it out on the road for a vacation before they decide to buy. This makes the dream a reality, and it gives us time in the RV to get past the excited dreaming and see what the lifestyle is truly all about. It may be that we can’t handle the limited space or the long hours in the captain’s chair. It may be that we love calling a new location home each night. We never know until we try it.

Renting allows us to see another side of RVing – what the vehicles are like and what we want in our very own RV. Knowing what we want in an RV goes beyond space. It asks how we’re going to use it. Are we planning to use it only for vacations, or is this our new home to live in year-round? Do we need something big enough for two, or do we want to bring grandchildren along now and then? Do we have pets to take into consideration, or do we plan on spending most of our time outside the RV and exploring our surroundings? Knowing how you spend your time, what you need your RV to provide, and where you plan on taking it will all help you figure out what you need.

What else should you consider?

  • Where to camp. There are many great options in campgrounds for all RVers, but some campgrounds cater to seniors. These RV parks range from luxury to nature lover’s retreats. There are some that welcome pets and some that offer senior-friendly recreation. When it comes to RV parks, the sky’s the limit, and there are plenty of them out there waiting to meet you.
  • Ask your doctor. Make sure you get the all clear from your doctor before making the decision. This is especially true if you have health conditions that may make travel difficult. Talk to them about your medications as well and see if there are any restrictions to take into consideration before you set off on your new lifestyle.
  • Plan the season. Popular campsites fill up fast, so plan your trip accordingly. Rent your space ahead of time and make sure you get ones with full hookups so you can enjoy water and electricity without straining your RV and budget.
  • First aid and emergency kits. You know what you need in a first aid kit, and it’s likely to include specialty items that don’t come in a store bought version. It’s a good idea to create your own, that way you have what you need when you need it.
  • Take stock of your daily life. We all have our own routines and things that need to be done. Make a list of what you do daily so when it comes to packing, you know what’s essential to take, and what you can leave behind to downsize!

For more tips and information on beginning your RV adventures, check out our blog page that’s full of great advice, and read this post that packs in a lot of information to help you get started!

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