Winter RV Wonderland: Protecting Your RV from Heat Loss

Tips and tricks to stay warm during the winter in your RV

If you’re like many RV owners, you purchased your RV with the dream of it becoming your home away from home – a safe and comfortable escape that also allows you to see more of the world. A lot of people winterize and park their RV for the winter, but some want to experience adventure for all four seasons.

Generally, RVs aren’t designed for cold weather – they have thin walls, mediocre insulation, and cracks and crevices that allow for chilly air to seep in. However, that doesn’t mean hitting northern roads isn’t possible in the winter months. Your mobile getaway can serve its purpose all year long if you take the following steps to stay warm and prevent heat loss in your RV.

How to stay warm in the cold

Cold weather RV-living can be challenging, but also a majestic experience. Being safely nestled among snow-capped mountains provides spectacular scenic views and amazing skiing opportunities, but requires some forethought if you’re staying in an RV.



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