Big Family? There’s an RV for That.

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Big Family? There's an RV for That.

Where will everyone fit?

We’ve discussed small RVs on our blog, and how you can get the most out of some of the newest on the market. But small doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes a family is just too large, and has a mix of even larger personalities, to make a small RV work. You can still set a course for destinations across the U.S. and Canada without having to worry about space cramping everyone and stirring up hostilities that will make the entire family anxious. You could always try different ways to help everyone relax and get along, or you could purchase a larger RV. A larger RV gives everyone a bit more breathing room and space to cool down and just be themselves. You know your family best, so you know what will work best for them, but if you’re on the hunt for a larger RV, we have some advice.

Leg room for everyone

The point of shopping for an RV for a large family is to find an RV large enough so not everyone is cramped, but it’s small enough that you can handle it easily enough. There are a few different routes you could go, and each offers varying sizes.

  • Go for the Class A. Class A motorhomes are large, ranging to more than 45 feet on the high end, and as little as 28 feet on the lower end. This is a popular choice for families that want to shrug off societal norms and strike a new life all their own. There’s room enough for everyone. It’s built strong enough to tow passenger vehicles so you can unhitch and drive around city streets or to the store for last-minute supplies. There’s enough space to sleep everyone, and enough room where no one has to be right on top of another person. If you have children of varying ages, you can even hold school in one part for school-age kids while the others do their own thing elsewhere without disrupting your lessons.
  • Class C is a bit more cramped. If your family generally gets along without too much friction, you could get away with a Class C motorhome. These are less than 30 feet long, which makes them a bit easier to navigate. The space may be a little more cramped depending on the size of your family, but you can always check them out at an RV dealership to be sure. Remember that family space also means storage for extra people, so make sure there’s enough room to accommodate all their stuff.
  • Maybe a trailer is more your style. If you have a vehicle capable of towing the heavier weight, you may decide to go with a trailer for your family outing that’s designed to sleep up to 10 people. The great thing about trailers is you can detach them when you get to your campsite, and use your towing vehicle to drive around to more remote locations or those that have smaller roads that won’t support the larger trailer.
  • The fifth wheel. While these are similar to the trailer, you’re going to find a lot more storage space inside, as well as more comfortable living. All that extra space also comes with extra weight, so make sure you have a vehicle equipped to handle the towing capacity.

Looks like you’ve got a large family you’re taking along with you. When something goes wrong, they’re going to look to you for answers. It’s a good thing you have our virtual diagnostics on your side. Our virtual mechanical diagnosis can help you figure out what the bumps and grinding noises coming from your rig are. Don’t get left out in the dark wondering what’s wrong with your new home. Know what’s happening!

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