Are You Thinking About RVing Full Time? Check Out These FAQs First

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Are You Thinking About RVing Full Time? Check Out These FAQs First.

Prepare for ups and downs

When we think about RVing full time, it’s often fueled by all the great memories and experiences we’ve had in our RVs. It’s normal for us to focus on the good, remember all the great moments, and not to dwell on what went wrong. Those highs will certainly be there, but there are a few drawbacks people don’t often consider. Why would they? A vacation doesn’t last forever, so there’s less chance for things to go wrong that must be dealt with right away. Vacations come to an end, and we can get back to our normal routines, luxurious showers, bubble baths, faster internet, etc. The main takeaway is that living in an RV isn’t always going to be a dream, but the great times and amazing experiences can be intensified by knowing what’s ahead and planning for it.

How do you handle mail?

Go paperless when you can. Mail has a way of piling up when we’re on vacation. Imagine what would happen if you were living in your RV full time and there was no physical address for mail to go to? Of course, there will always be some kind of paper mail, and you can have that forwarded to a friend or family member that will keep you in the loop if anything important arrives for you.

Where does the money come from?

If you’re not retired, the idea of living full time in an RV may strike you as odd. What do people do for work? Are they independently rich? The good news is that a lot of different jobs allow people to work remotely, as long as you have an internet connection, you can work whenever and wherever you want.

Does the limited space drive you crazy?

Downsizing isn’t just about the initial voyage; downsizing has to happen with shopping, hobbies, and collecting. Believe it or not, you get used to the limited space, and it won’t take you long to adjust to it. Stay on top of cleaning and make sure you’re only buying what you will actually use and what you have space for.

Will you miss your friends?

Of course you will miss friends and family, but that’s no different than moving to another state or city several hours away from them. Technology allows us to keep in contact in ways it never did before, and the benefit of living in an RV is you can visit them any time you like and stay for as long as you want.

Is it right for me?

Maybe, maybe not. Only you can know that for certain. The best advice here, as with all huge decisions, is to try it out for a while before jumping into it. Have a safety net, don’t sell the house right away. Take several months to see how you adjust to the switch, and then decide. It may turn out that vacation RVing is best for you, or it could be that your wanderlust is only tamed by RVing full time.

Are you familiar with the owner’s manual?

This is important. Know your RV like you would know a new house you’re moving into. Not all repairs will need a mechanic if you educate yourself on routine maintenance first. You can certainly do your own tweaks and small repairs; just be sure your repairs won’t void any warranties and that you know what you’re doing.

Take advantage of amenities when they’re available

Using the laundry room at a campground can help you save water. Using showers at campgrounds affords you with more space, picnic tables give you new scenery. If there’s an amenity that you can use, use them and don’t think twice. They’re now part of your life.

What do I do with pets and kids?

Take them with you! Homeschool on the road if your kids are school age. Pack your pet records and make sure your pets are healthy and won’t be a nuisance at parks. There’s no reason that kids or pets should be a drawback to RVing full time.

Can I camp here?

Boondocking is a great way to get away from the beaten path, but it doesn’t mean you can set up stakes anywhere. Make sure the place you want to rough it is actually a place you can camp. Research the area first and learn about restrictions and regulations and adhere to them.

It’s impossible to pack all the information you need to know about RVing full time into one post. The great news is our blog is filled with a vast store of information on topics to make your life easier on the road, tips to help you on your way, and advice on what to do if something goes wrong. Check out our blog, and RV like a pro!

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