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Story by Sunny Chung Kokol

My son is a hero. From the time he was in the 7th grade, he knew he wanted to serve in the USAF. He did it! This coming year, he will have served 6 years for our country in munitions. He and his wife are expecting twins and wish to move to our property in […]

Story by Teresa E. Markwith

My adult life has been filled with hardships that many have not endured, including living in homes for several years with no heat through cold Pennsylvania winters, 3 which had no indoor bathrooms. On May 19, 2001, after only being married 7 months, we returned to our house gutted by fire after being away for […]

Story by Howard Armstrong

The devastation in the Bahamas from Hurricane Dorian in early September continues to resonate almost two months later. In our contest of Most Compelling Stories, the story of Howard Armstrong it is unquestionably our winner.  His friends, Jorge and Debbie, shared the unbelievable news about their friend. Howard and his wife, Lynn were in the […]

Story by Jorge and Debbie

We’re Jorge and Debbie. Because our friend isn’t able to share his story, we’re sharing it on his behalf. Howard Armstrong and his wife, Lynn, were in the direct path of Hurricane Dorian near Freeport in the Bahamas. Tragically, Lynn did not survive the storm. It is assumed she was swept away by the storm […]

Story by Trishelle Diamond

My husband and I travel frequently to the US. And what we call our “ micro rv “. Our Honda Fit car 2007. We have managed to fit a double bed in it to save money. And sleep at Walmart parking lots. My husband is going to retire very soon. ( about 2 years) And […]

Story by Cristina Pagoota

My husband and I have been married for almost two years, and dream of retiring in a couple of years and living on the road. I’m a teacher, and my husband has been trying to re-establish his construction business to catch up for everything he lost during the recession. We would love to look forward […]

Story by Donna

Dear RV Advisor, I live in Long Beach, CA. I have been struggling to not lose my home and everything I have ever worked for, struggling for several years, but there is no safety net for me or my family. I lost my job with the university unfairly, due to discrimination and dirty politics. I […]

Story by Christina Smith

I love to read and write poetry, so I will enter a few of them. First, I’ll tell you my story and then maybe you will understand my poetry better. I just turned 30 this year and finally completed my Associates Degree. I will become a social worker and with more education a therapist. I […]

Story by Tia Myricks

My story is one of hope, and purpose. As children, we aspire to be great; with dreams of becoming the pride of our parents’ smiling eyes, because we would someday change the world. For most of us, our dreams will outlive us. As though we grew up and were gradually awakened from a deep sleep, […]

Story by Robert Phillips

This was taken sitting in our chairs outside our RV at the KOA Matagorda Bay , Tx campground 9-1-19  

Story by Bob Warren

Daybreak at Ives Run, PA near Tioga. Walking miles with the puppies trying to get fit.  

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